My Trucking Journey

Did you know that all products seen on shelves from food, to clothing, furniture in the stores come by 18 wheeler trucks? Take a look around your house at the stuff you have all came by semi truck. I was quite surprised when I learned this at the beginning when we started trucking.

If you notice when you drive your car, notice how many trucks on the road you will see that they outnumber cars.

Walk inside any shop, all the products in the store came by truck. Major stores such as Walmart, Loblaws, Pharmacy, even shopping malls have what are called dock doors located in the back for semi trucks to bring products. Most people when they drive cars don’t notice these things as generally semi trucks have a separate entrance from cars.

Trucking is really divided into three categories: city, regional and long haul. City drivers come home everyday and drive what are referred to as day cabs with no sleeper. They drive within city limits between stores and do deliveries. Regional drivers drive longer distances and come home the same day or the next. Long Haul drivers go out weeks at a time. An average long haul driver goes out for twenty days before coming home, some go out for much longer. My partner and I went out two and half months before we came home. Some drivers do long haul within Canada or the USA and others like us do cross border, we literally went to every state and province, checkout my albums and videos to see.

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Me and my girl trucking