We go through most of our life, by copying what other people do with slight variations. And we do that using prior assumptions, beliefs and widely held ‘best practices’ approved by the majority of people.


What if you delete everything you know about what you “should do”?

My philosophy, simply put, is mostly derived from my solemate boyfriend who’s outlook on things are outside the box. He made me see things from a different light and I am constantly evolving; my views and actions reflect that (for details, visit Free2Bme from the WiiR1 menu option).

I go by the rule of: Observational-Logic, where I don’t buy what I’m told, instead, I believe what I see in terms of consistency through time.

Let me elaborate: You can tell me “something” and I can observe you doing the “something”, but if you are not consistent with the “something” then you don’t have credibility, therefore, I never believed what you said. In order for me to believe anything, I must first see it and with sufficient time, only then will I believe it and act on it.

If you live your life by the above formula, it will be difficult to manipulate you. Therefore, your actions and choices will be of your own and not because of influence. This is the basis of my Life-Philosophy.

If you use Observational-Logic as the pillar to determine your definitions about life and everything else that comes with it, you will quickly realize that all of society’s dictates, including religions and traditions are nothing but fallacies. I freed myself from such beliefs and deleted ALL my definitions about everything (full factory reset); the result is what you see on my personal website CriesOfTheGoth.com.

My philosophy on life is in constant evolution and to track its direction I will be posting all updates on Free2Bme (see WiiR1 from the menu option).

My life philosophy is my choice alone and I learn from observation, it means nothing to me what others think or their opinion because I walk my own path.

Below, you will find my tattoos. I love tattoos because I can express my nature in unique art that looks pretty visually at the same time harmonically geometrically in sync with me. Being unique or more accurately the need for uniqueness is a powerful feeling. Having the ability to brand the body to have it reflect your uniqueness, is ever so powerful at least from my point of view.

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