My version of Goth

Rebel GothiKa is my chosen version of “goth”which is outside of the normal society definition of goth alternative, it comes with an attitude that I term my version and at the same time staying legal and not harming oneself with drugs, alcohol but, doing things that traditionalists will frown upon, I refer to mine and my boyfriend lifestyle choices spanning 25years, where we chose to walk away from conservative family values including religion and having children to a crazy adventure filled life with surprises at every corner and guess what, we are happy and have no regrets!

Rebel GothiKa is my way of life that comes with an attitude and philosophy not just a look, it’s a liberating life that includes activities like traveling across Canada on a motorcycle then later an RV this is to create an online presence with an art and purpose that I want to document as a time capsule of my life that I shaped. I also dive into many projects some of which include writing articles, photography to further project myself to the world, this avoids any misconceptions people can have.

This lifestyle choice allowed me to develop my own fashion and style choices, how I put them together reflects my overall presentation that I project to the world. I have transitioned over the years in terms of my style be it clothes, hair and makeup by trying different looks and ideas not all worked out, from those that did work out I formed my own ideas without following trends or influencers online for the simple reason is that in my opinion they are there to pitch/sell products and styles to be used in a specific way and subliminally people think they have to get exactly the brands of products advertised by the influencer or they just simply will not cut it, ignoring the fact that influencers have resources and money that an ordinary person does not. However, one can learn from influencers and formulate their own ideas.

Rebel Gothika spawned the many tattoos on my body each one with a deep meaning and careful planning took place when choosing and designing them. My boyfriend and I worked closely together when we embarked on what I call the tattoo and transition journey to a new era, we wanted an artistic look as well as deep meaning dating back to the first civilization mesopotamia.

In my view, my tattoos are an evolution and transition from one era of life that I lived to the one I am in presently.

The first era was one surrounded by tradition and society mainly imposed by family and friends around me, anything out of the norm was frowned upon and generally dismissed as negative; as this did not agree with me and I decided to shed that and move on to a reality that we chose to create. Yes, my philosophy is one creates one’s own reality by the choices made as events based on those choices will follow and result in a created reality.

My tattoos are an expression of that transition to freedom, fluidity in personality, protection, struggle between good and evil and yeah, Rebel GothiKa

Choices are made in life and events happen to concur with those choices, people I believe create their own reality. A lot of knowledge and meaning of life has been forgotten over time and now we are starting to remember and live to understand our choices and what we want to represent, not what we are told through past tales. I am proud of this philosophy as it has profound truth in reflection to my life journey.


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