This gallery will have a myriad collection of playlists in the form of images and albums as well as short videos depicting my Rebel GothiKa lifestyle on an ordinary level. My everyday looks and styles, travels, daily stuff that I will blog as a legacy frozen in time. I will also include some personal fashion pix that I normally wear on a daily basis. I have an extensive collection of heels and boots as well as sneakers and dresses, jeans, pants and more which I match up at random with no specific pattern, these are factors I take into consideration when choosing an outfit: weather, place I am going, time of day, type of people that I will be seeing.

I see clothing and fashion as my form of self expression and what a person wants to show to the world, who they are and what they represent, irrelevant of what people think. We have evolved over the last decade in terms of how people want to be treated, viewed and seen so I am doing the same. Goth is simply a word I chose that best describes my lifestyle. Society has always been a factor in the correct identity of people and what they should not be and what they want to be, and some live double lives because the imposed “right thing, right way” is imprinted in their mind and they cannot free themselves from this ideology.

In the section below you will find pictures and videos of travels I did with my boyfriend by truck and the different destinations we visited. We travelled across Canada and the USA by truck. These photos are a time capsule of the life we are living and the type of people we are. It will be difficult to classify each picture and video with details as there are many so I will try to sum it up in a nutshell.

Whether we were in the truck itself and just capturing moments or at a specific city enjoying it like tourists by taking in the sites and sounds of the place.

Some of my favourite places that I will highlight are the 2019 Pride in Toronto which was a most beautiful and unique experience I hope to very soon repeat, as well some of the destinations like western Canada where we spent considerable time.

Also, I have included some of my personal everchanging fashion and hairstyles that I wear and are personalized to me not copied.

This page is just a reference guide to the type of pictures we take and the type of places we visit and how it is important to us to document in film moments in time.

For further reading and more details please click on the Rebel button in any of the sections in this site, the Rebel button contents are different in each page.



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