My boyfriend and I don’t believe in the routine way of life, where its go to work and come home, two weeks in the year holiday, thus we have chosen lifestyles that do not reflect that. One of those lifestyles is the motorcycle. We have two bikes, a sportbike Kawasaki ZX-14 year 2014 and a Kawasaki dirt bike. We use the dirt bike to go offroading, camping. I ride behind my boyfriend and we have loads of adventurous fun.

Our future plan is to buy a cruiser bike and ride across Canada from the far east Maritimes all the way to the far west Vancouver, this distance is similar to going from California LA to South Carolina Myrtle Beach all on two wheels. Along the way we will be stopping at biker bars, restaurants, staying at Motels and sometimes camping as we ride.

I will be blogging this journey as we do it, follow us by clicking on the Rebel button above.

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Biker lifestyle