My name is Kissra, an average woman, Canadian born in Montreal on Dec-31 1975, of Polish descent. English is my primary language, I also speak French and Polish.

I am a “virtual” adult model and I blog my personal life online on my website(s). The majority of my content is SFW (Safe For Work), blogs, podcasts and more. However, the smaller portion is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in essence a mix of both.

My partner and I have been together since high school, we are not married (see the "Gothic" menu option to learn about my philosophy). I do not do drugs, alcohol or smoke, I keep my body healthy. I am purely virtual, meaning I do not meet in real life nor do I have an open relationship.

I decided to define myself using my personal website, it will branch people where their interests lie as it has many venues.

I broke-down my website into 5 main segments, listed on the top menu items, that encompass my identity/personality (who I am).

About - In depth about my life, the choices I made and will be making in future.

Gothic - This is my life philosophy, it determines the choices I make in life.
(All my choices depicted in the About me section are based on my philosophy that I describe in the Gothic section).

Gallery - Media depicting the “real” me and how I am in real life.
(People tend to make false assumptions based on fantasy posts, on social media, and think it’s real when it’s not. The Gallery section shows the “real” me.)

Contact Me - All my SFW social media and the venues to contact me.
(For the NSFW social media, go to Whooty).

WiiR1 - An index of all my sister websites and businesses.

Other segments on my personal website listed on the right side will show my past and present activity and all the things I get into.

Lastly, my three paid venues include: (they are listed in the right-side menu items.)

The Coven - This is a fantasy club for my potential subservient slaves!

The Dang - All fantasy porn (NSFW)

For details about the Coven and Dang, visit the sites, they are listed in the right-side menu items.

Whooty - All my paid NSFW social links such as OnlyFans, Sheer …etc.

To comment or for more information about my personal website and it’s venues, please click on the blue-"Rebel"-button, on this page above!

Please enjoy your visit to my website and always remember, any online content that is not listed on is not me and is fake!