I am writing this in hopes that people will read before assuming and messaging me as they do hundreds of other models online. If this is too much for you to read and follow move on!

Many people have posed the question why can’t we contact you? My online presence is not for the purpose of making connections or talking to people, it’s for pure fun that I am making; so don’t confuse me with other internet models because our goals are different. I do however read comments on my social media, even though I don’t respond often but the repeat nice ones will stand out to me.

My postings online is not a true reflection of me in real life despite people’s perceptions. There should be a clear distinction between fantasy and reality, as they are very different since fantasy is simply acting a temporary role for the purpose of satisfying infatuation of a person or thing and should not be clouded. Once perception is clouded ignorance is born. If you are interested to learn about the real me then ignore all other sites and postings and only read this site (CriesOfTheGoth.com).

Social media is now the new norm of contact, sometimes I will find nice things written under the stuff I post and I do appreciate it and I will respond when I can and I do recognize long time cool fans who always comment to me about nice things and follow me on various platforms.

The ONLY email address that I use is kissra69@gmail.com (Will endup in spam filter unless you verify. If you are not a member of the Coven or you're anon, then message me on Twitter@DarkGothAngel only!). Any other email you see posted online is either not me or something temporary I used to play out a fantasy fetish.

Below are my ONLY active social media that I use; anywhere else you see me online is not me and no need to tell me about it because I allow it. For my fantasy porn/fetish NSFW social media then visit my fantasy site at DarkGothAngel.CriesOfTheGoth.com. Have fun and kick the shit motherfuckers.

For the people that I know and have met as well as Coven members, this is a number of contact; 1 (431) 489-2557.

Shipping address:
PO BOX 56001

Send an Interac e-Transfer (Pay to email: kissra@CriesOfTheGoth.com)

My Amazon wish list (https://www.amazon.ca/hz/wishlist/ls/95S55JK8WF98/)


Thank you



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