My name is kissra lynnKay and this is my story.

My boyfriend and I decided to live life to the fullest by exploring what real living can be. We are both from Montreal and were living the corporate high life with web programming business. This made good money, but left us with no time to actually enjoy. Later, we walked away from all that and tried the blue collar job life which did the exact opposite to us, more time no money. We realized there needs to be a balance.

My online vids, pix that I have been posting for some time now are all part of experiencing life, in this case the sexual fantasy aspect. My blogs explains this in more detail.

When people see me online, a persona gets formed in their mind of who they think I am, what I will enjoy. I get tons of emails from different people asking to meet, or they include pictures, and some stuff about how they saw a vid or pic of me and they thought to send me a message. I play along with all that since to me it is a game and at the same time, someone is getting pleasure from my stuff, and that's cool.

I will be offering a personal narrative to my life and the choices I made and still making with my since-highschool boyfriend to those with an open or intellectual mind.

We positioned ourselves in life to be able to lead this lifestyle, since we have no mortgages, kids or commitments..etc; these choices we made together. And, as I see changes in the world and where things are headed, I conclude it's the best choice we've made.

Our adventures will include travel by motorcycle, truck, RV. My goal in this is to create a unique visionquest and approach to life for those who wish to see an alternative lifestyle led by two people together.