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When you sub my OnlyFans@Kissra for $10/month, you get included access to my daily LIVE-Stream in addition to all my exclusive content that is not available anywhere else!

In my daily LIVE-streaming on my OnlyFans@Kissra, we can chill, and have a sort of R-rated TikTok. I will be clothed in panties with a sheer top or lingerie and I will take requests. You can ask me anything and we can kik-back and relax.

For special requests, see white-board below:

  • Flash Tits $1
  • Topless $2
  • Stuff Panties in pussy $10
  • show Pussy $2
  • Spread Ass $5
  • Spread Pussy $5
  • Twerk with Panties on $1
  • Twerk no panties $2.5
  • Open Legs with Panties $3
  • Open Legs No panties $3.5
  • Dildo in Pussy $10
  • Private One-on-One Face-Time (C2C) on SnapChat $20

Tips for the above can be paid collectively or by one person and everyone gets to watch.

The daily LIVE-streaming on OnlyFans@Kissra lasts about 1 hour. If you like what you see, any additional tips no matter how small, are appreciated. Hope to seeYa there, let’s have fun ;)

Note: I generally do my LIVE-streaming on OnlyFans@Kissra starting 6-pm central time (Winnipeg local time) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 7-pm. This can change based on my free schedule. Please check the schedule in the streaming section of OnlyFans@Kissra for Dates/Times.

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