Discord: Watch Live streaming without sensoring (18+)



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To watch my “uncensored” LIVE-streaming when I go "live" on different platforms such as TikTok, Twitch…etc, Discord server will be streaming in conjunction with the other platform(s) but without the censoring.

Note: When I LIVE-stream on different platforms, I will be, also, streaming on Discord as well.

How to join our 18+ Discord?

  • Subscribe to our TikTok channel TikTok.com/@isydia_and_WhootyGirl
    (NOTE: This is not Following; Subscribing is different!)

  • After subscribing to our TikTok@isydia_and_WhootyGirl, then join our Discord "PUBLIC" Orientation Channel by clicking here: https://discord.gg/zq9VpkqmSe

  • Once you join our Discord "PUBLIC" Orientation Channel, send us a message with your TikTok username (i.e. TikTok@YourUserName) so we we can verify your Subscription to our TikTok.com/@isydia_and_WhootyGirl

  • You will then, receive an invite-link, to our Discord unsensored-LIVE-video/audio channel

  • Note: as long as you keep your TikTok Subscription active to our TikTok.com/@isydia_and_WhootyGirl, you will be able to access our Discord server unsensored-LIVE-stream channel.

NOTE: OnlyFans@Kissra subscribers "always" have free access to Discord and "all" our paid platforms/channel(s)


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