Kissra Lynnkay

Free spirit uninhibited curious soul


Hi curious souls and welcome to my coven. The fans who have been loyally following me for some time notice that I am not very vocal in my videos, especially the naughty ones; also I have an air of mystery in terms of the real me. The basis of my mystique is that I am a very private person in real life, however, I unveil these secrets through layers in my Coven in 13 stages; the first is a mix of fantasy including intimate and exclusive videos not posted anywhere online. Only members who enter my Coven can learn about the rest of the stages; enter if you dare :)

Note: If you are looking for my private NSFW exclusive content, you'll find that in the Dang at DarkGothAngel web site

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In the Coven, you will see how I record my videos (behind the scenes) and take a peek at me with my boyfriend embarking on our adventures. You can download my videos and pictures (free).

To signup to the Coven, fill in the form below. The free membership lets you see my exclusive short vids (see samples below) including daily activities. The paid membership lets you see the full version. I charge a $10 monthly membership fee for everything (all included with full access). If you wish to tip me more that's up to you haha ;)

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My SFW but naughty short vids in the “Coven”

The below samples are an idea of what you will see in the “free” Coven member area; to comment like and share, you have to sign-up and yes, it's free ;)

  Tuesday 11-January-2022, 20:45  
  Have a wonderfull day  
  #KissraLynnkay #Coven  



  Wednesday 16-February-2022, 12:45  
  Sending you positive vibes  
  #KissraLynnkay #Coven  



  Monday 21-March-2022, 20:45  
  Have a gr8t day my lovelies  
  #KissraLynnkay #Coven