My version of Goth

Goth is attitude and in a sense an alternative approach to life. I don't see it as dressing only in black clothes, wearing black makeup. This is media version of goth. Appearance does not make a person goth, just possibly different from the "norm".

I have viewed many videos on youtube to get ideas and learn about clothing styles and makeup. I take those and develop my own.

Most of the videos I noticed one common denominator, look weird or different, and if you don't wear white foundation on your face, draw on eyebrows and wear black clothes you are not goth. If you don't shop from specific places which are promoted ad nauseum and in a sense the true meaning of goth gets lost, and a new media defined version gets created for people to follow. Good for some not me.

I buy clothes from various places and develop my own style. I will have a blog about this to describe more details.

What I wear depends on my mood and occasion, weather and place. I do not impose myself on others. I do sometimes like a darker eye look, a light lip and other times I go for a more subtle look especially in warmer weather.

My hair color can change from dark to rainbow, or red, blonde depends. I love tattoos which in my opinion defines my goth outlook. Eventually, I hope to be fully tattooed but not a jumbled mess of colors, designs, just what has a profound meaning to me.

In a nutshell, goth is what a person makes it. My opinion, it is a balance of looks and lifestyle. I am more geared to the lifestyle with all the stuff I do, trucking, online nudes, etc.

Most are 100% looks and 50% lifestyle. I am the reverse.

I feel diversity defines goth, how one lives life what they think and want to pursue, not how they look. Looks do not define a person as goth or otherwise its what they choose to display to the public at any given time. How it's interpreted can vary.