I get zillions of emails and chat requests. If you would like me to differentiate you from the many messages I receive daily then you must verify yourself to me. If you are not willing to do that then you will not get a response.

My email: kissra69@gmail.com


To chat with me on Google:- Duo(Video) or Allo(txt); use the app to search for my email address kissra69@gmail.com or my name Kissra Lynnkay or my cell number and then add me after you verified yourself ;)

My text Chat: Google Allo

My Video chat: Google Duo

I also use Google Hangouts for people who do not have my phone number. But don't get twisted, you must verify yourself to me before I acknowledge your existence ;)


My Cell# I provide it to members of my Coven and personal friends that I've gotten to know real well over time. So don't ask for my cell number haha :)